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Welcome to Nottingham Liberal Synagogue

In the face of this current pandemic, our community has pulled together in ways we never thought possible.

Our weekly Erev Shabbat, Shabbat Morning, and Havdalah services are now being live streamed through Zoom and recordings of our services are available to be viewed as convenient.
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NLS has a fully-fledged adult educational programme, which is continuing uninterrupted through online teaching, as are our burgeoning Torah Tots and Cheder, giving our youngest members a chance to keep in touch and carry on learning.

To respond to the needs of many of our members, including those who are shielding, we have put in place a range of talks, skills sharing sessions, and social events taking place on Zoom every week, with a full calendar of activities. View the calendar

Our Rabbi continues to provide pastoral support and offering spiritual assurance to the congregation. Our Care Group volunteers are now keeping in touch with all our members individually. We also have a private Facebook group – Yachad (Hebrew for “together”) for our members to keep in touch with each other.

Together, we are strong. We are NLS.

So whether you're looking for information, learning, support, inspiration or just want to know What's On, we hope our website helps you on your journey. Feel free to browse or contact us directly.

Shabbat Morning Service 06.06.20 - Dedicated to the memory of George Floyd

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Prayer for NHS and other essential service staff
by Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich

Adonai, Eternal One, God of our fathers and mothers, we ask your blessing for all the people working in NHS and other essential services. Magen Avot, Shield of our ancestors, shield from the virus and other illnesses in your Shechinah, in your protective Presence, all those people and their families. Give them strength and joy to continue doing their essential work for all the people of our country. We ask for your protection and your Presence to be always with them.