Converting to Judaism at NLS

We welcome people who wish to embrace Judaism. Deciding to convert is a major life changing decision and one that clearly cannot undertaken lightly. The conversion process needs a sincere and serious commitment and demands a great deal of work and effort. Our community welcomes those who have made this decision and values the energy and thoughtfulness of those who have chosen to be Jewish.

Conversion touches many more lives than just the person who is converting –for friends and family it can be a complex issue and we do our best to support and help with all aspects of the conversion process.

Teaching is undertaken by our Rabbi, and classes are taught in small groups. Attending synagogue is often a starting point for those interested in conversion, and if you would like to arrange to come and visit for a service, or if you would like to talk about any aspect of conversion, please contact us. Our programme works in conjunction with that of our parent organisation Liberal Judaism.