Adult Education

Throughout the year we offer a variety of different adult learning opportunities. There are regular classes for adults on a range of topics including learning to read and speak Hebrew, investigating the Siddur, Ba’al Tefillah courses for those with an interest in Services and our monthly 'Torah Breakfasts' in which the weekly Torah portion is examined and discussed over food (naturally!). We have the benefit of doing our learning with our knowledgeable and erudite Rabbi Tanya and a range of excellent teachers within our synagogue with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We also regularly run very popular Congregational Days events where the whole NLS community, young and old, have the opportunity to come together to learn and to have fun. This is augmented by our biennial Away Weekend Shabbaton which caters for all ages, including families with an extensive programme for young people led by LJY Netzer madrichim and a wide selection of workshops and learning opportunities for adults. Both members and non-members are welcome to attend. The next Shabbaton will take place on 10th July to Sunday 12th July 2015.

For more information on adult education, please contact us