Grand Finale of the NLS 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Grand Finale of the NLS 50th Anniversary Celebrations

This is what an extraordinarily successful group of people look like! This was the 50th Anniversary Organising Group at the end of the Shabbat Service on 12th December and before the fantastic Chanukah Party which rounded off our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The group have worked together over the last two and a half years, and between them have organised some amazing events, all of which have been really well attended and supported ... and what's more, they have had fun doing it!

The start of this process was at the Nottingham Progressive Jewish Congregation Shabbaton in July 2013 when we were venturing to look forward to how we might mark our 50th anniversary. We finish it as Nottingham Liberal Synagogue, having achieved all of the aims we had for the 50th celebrations; with more people involved and contributing than there have ever been, with more members than we have ever had, and handing over responsibility for future events to a group of committed, and now experienced, people to take over. These are the legacy we now have for our community.  We now look forward to many more successful years ahead.

Below you will see just how many events have taken place in the last 15 months.


  • October 14 - Eyam Weekend 
  • November 14 - Austerlitz Shabbat
  • December 14 - Congregational /Art Day
  • January 15 - 50th Anniversary Celebratory Shabbat with invited dignitaries
  • February 15 - Stained Glass Workshop .. making our beautiful windows
  • March 15 - Israel Trip
  • March 15 - 50th Anniversary Quiz
  • April 15 - Musical evening with Rabbi Tanya and Friends 
  • April 15 - 50th Anniversary Service and Party. Guest Rabbi: Dame Julia Neuberger
  • June 15 - Unveiling of our Stained Glass windows
  • July 15 - Shabbaton Weekend in Derbyshire
  • October 15 - “Yiddishe” Entertainment Evening, with storytellers and comedy slam
  • November 15 - Jewish Film Week at the Broadway, (only one of 4 locations outside London)
  • November 15 - Austerlitz Play performed by our Cheder children and parents
  • December 15 - 50th Grand Finale …. our very Special Shabbat Service, Grand Chanukah Party, afternoon tea, entertianment and fabulous closing Firework Display!


  • Etz Chaim leaves
  • Commemorative Tea Towels and Greetings Cards
  • Photographic Project