NLS Conquers Derbyshire

Well the sun shone in between the showers but the inaugural ramble was on and 21 hardy NLS members descended upon the car park at the Druids Inn, Birchover. We had a quick conference about the route and decided upon the shortened route as the publican had forced an earlier lunch upon us!

So off we went to ascend our first hill. One or two were puffing a little by the time we reached the summit. Next we reached the edge of the moor and we were off! 

The first item we came upon was the Kings Stone. We wondered who put it there and why nobody knew! We carried on across the open gorse land all covered in a blanket of heather, (why she was lying on the ground and had such a big blanket nobody knows!) On we rambled until we came upon the Nine Ladies Stones. We formed a circle in the rain and started a discussion - I was standing under an oak tree which was much drier!

Digby the Labradoodle who came with us was having a wonderful time as the stiles had “magic doors” which you lifted up to let dogs through. One member was also willing to try…….. there’s always one!

Next we came across a strange tower at the top of the hill “Who’s for tea?” shouted Brian as we were standing at the base of the Earl Grey Tower (!). Why was it there and who built it??? 

We continued along the top of the hill with superb views of the Dales and overlooking Matlock, then it was the downwards path through the Camping site, where they had the most suitable facilities …. which some of us enjoyed!

Finally it was the last half mile dash to the pub. It was amazing how the pace increased until we arrived exhausted and damp! We then ordered food and enjoyed each other’s company over a very nice pub lunch.

All agreed that it was a fabulous ramble and that they are looking forward to the next outing!

Brian and Pam