Purimspiel 11th March 2017

The festival of Purim and the annual Purimspiel always means fancy dress, so you never know quite what to expect! This year, the NLS Purimspiel drew quite a crowd, bringing out some weird and wonderful characters…... Sheik and superman, sailor and sultan, even a friendly pirate!

Cane in hand, Headmistress Rabbi Tanya delivered the Megillah in appropriate style, and chastised anyone who dared to catch her eye. Then in the Horrible Histories themed spiel, King Achashverosh found himself on Blind Date hosted by a most compelling Cilla Black. He had three lovely ladies to choose between. He got it right – Esther, of course.

The Mordechai Rap had everyone cheering, clapping and booing. Haman was quickly seen off in disgrace, though his sons found time to regale us with a Supercalafragilistic song. The delightful evening was rounded off with delicious hot soup and hamantaschen.