Rabbi Tanya's Sleepout Fundraiser

Rabbi Tanya to sleep under the stars for CEO Sleepout because it can help other people…

It is this time of year in the Jewish tradition, when we think of our ancestors who traveled through the desert and didn't not have permanent homes. As Liberal Jews today we also think about all those, who are less fortunate then us and don't have a roof over their head, even today. Someone like victims of the Irma's hurricane or homeless people of Nottingham. Any of us, who have been unlucky, might have shared their fate.

My friend and patient Jimmy, who was homeless for 9 years, is an example and a success story of the work the homeless charities are doing today. Please read his lettter and support me and Jimmy by donation whatever you can. Every little helps when one is in need of your support. Thank you! Jimmy&Tanya

Your money will help to support two local wonderful charities, which are: Emanuel House and the Friary. I work with both of them and think very highly of their work. Thank you!

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