Response to Christchurch attacks

We joined Nottingham Citizens and people from local churches in visiting the Karimia Institute for Friday prayers on 15 March. We also attended a meeting organised by the Council of Mosques to remember the victims and counter Islamophobia.

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We sent the following messages of condolence to the Karimia Institute, and Fiveways mosque.

To the Muslim Community of Nottingham 15.03.2019

From the members of Nottingham Liberal Jewish Synagogue

It is with a heavy heart that we send our condolences and sympathies to all your members following the attack on two mosques in Christchurch causing so many deaths and life threatening injuries.

To attack innocent congregants, men women and children attending Friday prayers, is beyond belief and shows a total lack of humanity and tolerance to followers of all faiths and creeds.

As Jews who over the centuries have endured hatred and prejudice as well as ruthless physical attacks on our Houses of Prayer, we understand more than most the pain caused by hatred and intolerance.

We stand together with you to fight against those who would wish to destroy civilised society where we can live together in mutual respect.

Salam and peace to us all.

Peter Strauss (Hon President of Nottingham Liberal Synagogue)

From the Nottingham Jewish Muslim Dialogue

Nottingham Jewish Muslim Dialogue is shocked and dismayed by the atrocity in Christchurch, New Zealand, perpetrated against Muslim worshippers by right wing extremists. We extend our condolences to the Muslim community in Christchurch.

One of the aims of the Jewish Muslim Dialogue is to bring persons of goodwill together from all sections of the community, to educate their respective communities to tackle misconceptions deeply held, and injustices felt, in particular to combat Islamophobia and anti-semitism.
We will continue to stand together to combat Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

Karrar Khan & Jeffrey Cohen (Co Chairs of Nottingham Jewish Muslim Dialogue)