Kol Nidre Appeal 5780 / 2019

Your NLS Council has selected four charities to be the beneficiaries of our 5780 / 2019 Kol Nidrei Appeal.

  • Water Works – our national charity
  • Lasovo – our Israeli charity
  • City Arts – our local charity
  • NLS Scrolls restoration project


Water Works

Water Works is a grassroots charity committed to supporting rural Malawian communities gain access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation facilities. They do not give hand- outs, but empower people to meet their own water, sanitation and hygiene needs by running hygiene awareness programmes, providing technical assistance for latrine construction and training communities to install, manage and maintain simple, innovative and sustainable water pumps.

Since 2009, Water Works has assisted 100 Malawian villages, providing safe drinking water for 17,800 people; supported 3,800 families to build hygienic latrines; helped a primary school with 300 students to build two blocks of latrines, and run hygiene awareness sessions for 5,900 people. Their projects have helped to dramatically reduce the incidence of diarrhoea among children under five.

Water Works runs on a shoestring with just £30k in the bank. Over 99% of their income is spent on development projects. We supported Water Works in 2004, but your NLS Council proposed and decided to support it again in memory of Lesley and Jeff Cohen’s son Ben.


Lasovo is an Israeli national-scale charity providing to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. They run several ‘Lasovo restaurants’ (soup kitchens), 20 ‘Kadima’ Youth Centres for children and young people at risk and 9 ‘Gagon’ shelters for the homeless.
The Lasovo restaurants supply 2,000 hot meals per day at various venues. All meals are supplied completely free of charge. Food is donated by the IDF, food manufacturers, restaurants and other food-serving venues.

The Kadima Youth Centres care for 1,000 at-risk children from various poor neighbourhoods all over Israel encouraging them not to drop out of school or get involved in crime but rather to integrate into society. The Kadima centres supply hot meals, schoolwork assistance and enrichment courses.

The Gagon homeless shelters, the only homeless shelters in Israel, offer a clean bed, hot meals, clothing, a hot shower, medical and rehabilitation care.

Lasovo was proposed by John Youens

City Arts

City Arts delivers community-based art projects in and around Nottingham, and especially to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. They have been active for over forty years engaging people in all forms of the arts – music, drama, poetry performance, visual and digital arts. Through participative projects under the guidance of professional artists, they create new art and build people’s artistic skills. They present the resulting art in public exhibitions and performances.

City Arts work with older people in care homes, and have pioneered projects to enhance young people’s well-being, created a new Community Arts Garden in the heart of Hockley, showcased the talent of mental health survivors, made stunning contributions to Light Night and Nottingham Carnival and engaged hard-to-reach communities including refugees and asylum seekers. In 2017/18, they provided hands-on experience in creating art of their own to nearly 3000 people and reached an audience of over 100,000 people. City Arts rely on grants, earned income, fundraising and donations to support their work.

City Arts was proposed by Norman Randall.

NLS Scrolls Restoration Project

NLS is the fortunate owner of 3 Sifrei Torah. We also have two Czech scrolls on long-term loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust, whose work we support with an annual donation. All our scrolls need some restoration work; an MST-approved sofer has estimated the total cost at over £15,000. Council decided in 2018 to proceed with this work as a multi-year project, both as a mitzvah to the shul and as an investment for future generations.

Last year our Kol Nidrei Appeal raised £1646.84 towards scroll repairs and one scroll has been repaired. The next scroll in line for restoration will cost over £6000.


To download the flyer and for details on how to make a donation by cheque, please click the button below:

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Wishing you and your families health and happiness for the coming year,
David Leigh - Honorary Treasurer