Leah Barker Batmitzvah via Zoom

Leah Barker is having her bat mitzvah via Zoom on 18 April. You will receive the link in our newsletter. Please contact us or the family if you have not had it.

Hello - my name is Leah Barker. I am very much looking forward to my Bat Mitzvah on 18th April. I'm busy preparing at home with my parents, and also with my teacher, Judith Posner, who has been supporting me through the whole process. 

The things I love doing the most are photography, hanging out with my friends, playing netball, and chilling out with the family dog - Barney. I also love baking and, to put my passion into action, my social action project was baking desserts once a month for the people who go to the Sash (Kitchen) - which has been a great privilege.