The Tragic Events in Paris

The Tragic Events in Paris

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In light of the tragic events in Paris, some correspondence and statements from faith leaders and others follow below, including one from the Jewish community to our Muslim friends.

Statement from Nottingham Jewish Muslim Dialogue 

“Nous Sommes Charlie”
We, Jews and Muslims from the Nottingham Jewish Muslim Dialogue, stand together against anti-semitism and Islamaphobia.
We condemn utterly the atrocities perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists.
We support the freedom of speech even when it exposes lawful criticism of our religions and cultures.
We marvel at the defiance to Islamic fundamentalists shown by Muslims, such as the Pakistani teachers and schoolgirls.
We denounce those who say that Muslims do not speak out against terrorism.
We implore the media to make the Muslim voice decrying Islamic fundamentalism louder.
We join the call for a fast on Monday, 12th January made by Dr Musharraf Hussain and other leading Muslims in Nottingham as we mourn the tragic loss of life in Paris.

Correspondence between Peter Strauss and Musharraf Hussain

Dear  Dr. Musharraf Hussain,

On behalf of the Nottingham Liberal Synagogue and Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich we wish to offer our support to our Muslim friends during these difficult times, following the terrible attack in Paris by these extremist factions.
Such wanton and inhuman acts have a profound effect on all peace loving peoples, irrespective of their creed or religion. We hope that it does not result in retaliatory acts of violence and intolerance.

We stand together in the name of freedom of speech and expression of our religious observances.
Please pass on our message of solidarity with your co-religionists.
Saalam Alaikum.
Peter Strauss
Hon President
Nottingham Liberal Synagogue

Dear Mr Strauss,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers.
This is a wonderful gesture of unity I will pass on your message to my congregation.

Musharraf Hussain


Bishops back day of fasting after terror attack in Paris

Senior clergy in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham will be joining a fast called by Nottingham's Muslim community in sympathy with the victims and families caught up in yesterday’s terrorist attack in Paris.

Bishop Richard Inwood and Bishop Tony Porter have pledged to fast on Monday 12th January to show solidarity with the French people. Christian and Jewish leaders across Nottinghamshire have agreed to support the fast.

Those calling it issued a joint statement: "We stand together in sympathy and solidarity with the victims of the terrible attack in Paris".

Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE, Chief Imam of the Karimia Institute said: “We condemn the barbaric and senseless murder of journalists and the policemen in Paris. This is an attack on a fundamental institution of democracy and just society, attack on journalists is an attack on freedom of speech and this is condemnable. We hope that the terrorists are caught quickly in the meantime our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the murdered.”

Rev Karen Rooms, Area Dean for Nottingham South and Co-Chair of Nottingham Citizens said: "In the wake of this horrendous attack we stand united against hate, fear and division. Our hearts go out to the families of those killed. In fasting together, Christian, Jew and Muslim we draw closer to that sorrow. There is no place for hate."

Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich. of Nottingham Liberal Synagogue. said: "This terrible attack has no place in any religious tradition. Each and every individual is unique and their life is to be held sacred.Now, in this time of terrible sadness, we must draw together. This attack must be met with justice, sorrow and solidarity."