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Tenants Survey

Our synagogue is affiliated with Nottingham Citizens, which is a network of 42 different faith communities, schools, unions and charities which work together in shared social action. This enables us to undertake social action in partnership with other faith and wider organisations and to work visibly in the local community.  It also offers us opportunities to learn new ways to develop our own community.

One of the areas we are currently supporting is the Housing and Homeless Team.  We have made some really encouraging progress towards supporting 16/17 year-olds who present as homeless in Nottingham and are now also looking to improve the rented accommodation in Nottingham.   There was much anecdotal information from the Listening Campaign conducted with our Congregation last year about the difficulties some people face in rented accommodation but little hard evidence.  Citizens is therefore conducting a survey of  as many people as possible who live in rented accommodation to get a real understanding of what this experience is like in the city.  

A Survey of Tenants in Nottingham

This survey is for people who live in rented accommodation in Nottingham City

It is being undertaken on behalf of Nottingham Citizens to understand the experiences of people living in rented accommodation in the City and to examine the case for a compulsory landlord register. Local authorities have the power to require all private landlords in their area to be registered before they are allowed to let property, which obliges them to meet, for instance, basic health and safety standards. This is the case across Wales, and Liverpool and Newham have recently introduced it in England.  The results of this current survey, which is being undertaken in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University, will help Citizens campaign for such a register in Nottingham.

If you live in rented accommodation we would be grateful if you would complete the survey and return it by 28th February 2015.    Please feel free to forward the survey on to friends or colleagues who live in rented accommodation.

Please return the survey to:

Dr Graham Bowpitt
School of Social Sciences
Nottingham Trent University
Burton Street
Nottingham NG1 4BU
Tel: 0115 8485610
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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