Rabbi Tanya on Radio Nottingham

Rabbi Tanya regularly broadcasts on BBC Radio Nottingham and each week she picks a different topic, related to Jewish festivals, current affairs or theological questions. Listen to some of the broadcasts here.

There are days where nothing appears to go right in our lives when suddenly, out of the blue, all it needs is an unexpected kind gesture to restore our faith in humanity and remind us of what is good in the world.

After the long grey, cold, dark, colourless months of winter, the days do start to lengthen, flowers begin to blossom and leaves appear on the leaves.  Whatever happens, one thing is always certain, spring will always follow winter... we just need patience to see it slowly evolve.

Rabbi Tanya asks the question whether we really want to live forever?

Rabbi Tanya explains Chanukah and discusses the importance of the candles, and the light they bring to long dark days.